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Our Everyday

Our Curriculum

At Bread and Roses Childcare, we believe in the Reggio Emilia principles. We create an environment where children are capable of constructing their own learning. Our programs are designed to encourage collaboration within the community and to empower children to express themselves in their own unique ways. Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed to act as the third teacher, providing a stimulating and nurturing space for exploration. Our teachers are partners in education, supporting children's interests and facilitating their short and long-term goals. We also believe that parents are essential partners in their child's education journey.

Project Time

Our focus is on creating a positive and nurturing environment where children feel safe to explore and learn. Our approach is centered around the child’s interests and abilities, allowing them to grow and develop in their own time and at their own pace. We believe in supporting each child's individual learning journey by building on their strengths and nurturing any areas that may need improvement. Our goal is to cultivate a love for learning that will stay with our students as they continue to grow and develop.

Imaginative Play

At Bread and Roses Childcare, we value the power of imaginative play. Our Imaginative Play program allows children to engage in open-ended play, where they can freely express themselves and explore their imagination. Through play, children develop important social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Our dedicated teachers create a supportive environment that encourages children to take risks, problem-solve, and collaborate with their peers.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is an integral part of our curriculum at Bread and Roses Childcare. We believe that nature provides endless opportunities for learning and growth. Our Outdoor Play program allows children to connect with the natural world, develop gross motor skills, and enhance their overall well-being. Through outdoor activities and exploration, children learn about the environment, develop a sense of curiosity, and build resilience.

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