Bread and Roses Child Care Center

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Mission Statement

To provide families, regardless of size, income, or structure, a quality child care experience where the uniqueness of every child is valued, along with the creative experience, the joys of childhood, the learning process and the nurturance of positive self-esteem.

Our Philosophy

When we created Bread and Roses as an alternative child care center we had in mind a place where the whole child would be valued and nurtured. We created a full preschool program with full day care hours.

Our program stresses many different things, including emotional, social, physical, and cognitive growth. We teach all the required readiness skills to help prepare each child for further learning experiences. Our program is rich with creative learning challenges offered to the children each day.

Our days are filled with fun and imaginative adventures. Our belief is that children will learn best when they feel good about themselves and their unique abilities, and when they are able to rejoice in loving and positive relationships with others. We believe that most children will learn beautifully when they are ready to learn, and that being ready involves both cognitive ability and a well developed sense of self.

Our philosophy is based on a tremendous sense of trust of and respect for each individual child. We value family life, diversity, creativity, the ability to problem solve and make difficult decisions, and the right of each of us to make choices for ourselves.

Our philosophy pulls from several different theories of child development and comes together in our daily life at Bread and Roses through the actions of our dedicated and loving staff.

Commitment to Equity

Since Bread and Roses was founded in 1978, the world has changed in many ways.  But no matter how the world outside changes, we remain committed to creating a special place for all children where they can be proud of who they are, honored for their uniqueness, and know that they are worthy and deserving of respect.  In this special place, all children, families, and staff can feel safe and assured that they are loved not only for the many ways we are alike but also for all of the wonderful ways in which we are different.  Our goal is to empower children with love, confidence, and a sense of belonging, which they will wear like armor to protect them from the challenges they will face throughout their lives.

We believe that the key to a more equitable world lies in the courageousness of young people.  We strive to light the fires of empathy, compassion, and social responsibility in the hearts of every child.  Bread and Roses kids will be given opportunities to experience the fulfillment that comes from helping others, caring for the Earth, and taking a stand for what is right.

In order to reach these goals, Bread and Roses staff have made a shared commitment to educate ourselves and talk openly and honestly with children about issues such as racial inequity, LGBTQ+ issues, and inclusion of all people regardless of background or ability.  We strive to make our program accessible to families from all socioeconomic levels through our sliding tuition scale and scholarship program.  We model the values we teach by giving back to our community through collaboration with charitable organizations both locally and globally.  We consistently remain open to feedback from our families and the community in order to continuously improve our program, policies and curriculum.

Together we can make a difference!